Sunday, May 20, 2012

real talk

if you really knew me you would know that i love to wrestle i know you all think that is gay but i promise you if you actually stepped on the mat you wouldn't last one minute.  If you really knew me you would know that i don't have much confidence in my self.  If you really knew me you would know that i am not very creative but i have been trying super hard to be in this class so sorry these are all boring blogs.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Who had a blast at prom cuz i know i did.

How far will you go

Ceal is a 21 year old man who is just starting college he works and plays and is dating around trying to find that certain someone and he also is working hard at an accounting firm and is also on the college wrestling team.  Ceal is a self motivated man once he puts his mind to something he will accomplish it.  he is also a very caring man he loves everyone.  he wants to be the very best at everything he does.  but one day Ceal goes to work then to school but he never shows up for wrestling practice.

Where did Ceal disappear to?
How far will he make it till he is found?
Will he Accomplish everything he desires?  

Monday, April 30, 2012

lets get it done

wow almost done one more month of high school and us seniors r done prom this week going to be crazy and then just got to push through till the end to make that final walk hope to see all you seniors there

My Heart Doesnt know what to do

my heart doesnt know what to do it tells me one thing one day and then someone tells me something the next day and then my heart is stuck in a rut it doesnt know what to do it doesnt want to believe what the people r saying but then it does and then it thinks on its own and tells me it will happen and it is really and the feelings that it gives me r real and i do care about that person but i dont want to mess everything up so for now my heart doesnt know what to do so i dont know what to do.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


yesterday i owed a friend a huge favor so i sacrificed my morning to go pick up my buddies brother and take him to work i just have always wanted everyone to remember me for helping and always being there for them i dont want anyone to ever be left out so if you feel left out i will find you and i will try my hardest to make your day i love to serve and i love life and to spread love to everyone


My favorite movie would have to the pursuit of happyness i love this movie because it just shows if you have a dream you can always accomplish it but you always have to go through some trials to get there and i love that he never gives up never ever ever.